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Paul is touring

Have you ever wondered how all the top magician’s think up their amazing illusions? Well, the answer is simple:  They don’t, they ask magic mastermind Paul Cooke to do it for them.


Paul Cooke is the “go to guy” magic producer for many of the worlds top magicians. 

Now for the first time in years Paul Cooke is stepping out from the shadows and taking centre stage in his new explosive all new illusion show “Paul Cooke magic MasterMind”. 

During the 2 hour show Paul will talk about his lifetime love of illusion and demonstrate his encyclopedic knowledge of magic. From amazing close-up to mind blowing mentalism, from large scale illusion to explaining how he made the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE.

PAUL COOKE MAGIC MASTERMIND will be touring the UK 2017 for further information please contact :

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